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We are one of the leading suppliers of HVAC products in Qatar; specializing in Thermal insulation, Acoustic insulation, Fire rated insulation, Rockwool insulation, Adhesives, Sealants, Mastics, Vapor barriers, Tapes, Flexible Ducts & Connectors, Fasteners, copper pipes, tools and all kinds of HVAC products. We represent major manufactures from different countries including USA, UK, China, India, UAE, Italy, Germany, Kuwait etc.

Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings & Tapes

Idenden, the specialists in heating, ventilation and air conditioning products, has become part of the Bostik brand. As a global leader in the development of technologically advanced adhesives and sealants, you can rely on Bostik to continue to provide Idenden's tried and tested industry-leading products with customer and technical support that is always on hand.

Insulation Solutions in the GCC

Kimmco, the pioneer of glass fiber insulation products in the GCC, Kuwait Insulation Material Manufacturing (KIMMCO) was found in 1977 in Kuwait with the challenge to respond to the growing demand for insulation products in the construction sector in the GCC countries..KIMMCO holds the technology license (TEL process) of Saint-Gobain Isover.

Cable Tray,Pipe Hangers & Supports

Cooper B-Line is a leading manufacturerand fabricator of metal products used in the support of pipe and equipment for industrial, residential, commercial, utility, and OEM installations. Cooper B-Line is proud of the exacting standards of research; design, engineering, and manufacturing that go into each and every product that comprises our pipe hanger product line.

The Comprehensive Range of polyolefin and rubber insulation

Aerofoam® Insulation Division is one of the six main business lines of Hira Industries L.L.C., being specialized in the manufacturing of Polyolefin & Rubber insulation. Aerofoam® XLPE represents one of the finest range of premium polyethylene foam which can be used in various applications: HVAC, construction, industrial, automotive, etc. Aerofoam® NBR is a flexible light-weight elastomeric foam suitable for thermal insulation. Both products are available in tube, roll and sheet form and cover a wide range of thicknesses and diameters

The comprehensive and versatile range of technically advanced Rubber Insulation products

Gulf-O-Flex products and accessories are preferred by consultants, contractors and end users for accessories are preferred by consultants, contractors and end users for superior characteristics such as hot weather flexibility, durable skin surface, and rigid manufacturing tolerances. Our products have been in use for decades and are acknowledged as the best in preventing energy loss very effectively. All our products offer protection against condensation on cold surfaces and retard heat gain on hot applications; in addition to exceptional resistance to UV radiation and high temperatures

Synthetic Rubber -Flexible Elastomeric Foam

Kaiflex ST – Germany -flexible closed cell rubber insulation reliably prevents condensation and reduces energy loss. This is closed cell structure with in-built water vapour barrier and inherently resistant to corrosion with excellent thermal values minimize energy loss.

Compressor for Refrigerators

Copeland™ compressors are engineered for higher efficiency, lower sound levels, superior durability and unsurpassed reliability. They allow the integration of new and environmentally-friendly refrigerants into your systems, while seamlessly improving efficiency and performance levels.

Adhesives, Sealants, Mastics and IAQ Coatings

Ideal (VS) Ltd. serves both the Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (ICI) markets and the Residential market as one of the most comprehensive full line manufacturers of HVAC insulation materials and systems.

Tapes for Aluminum & Glass Industry

Hira Industries Diamond® Adhesive Tapes Division has been a leading player for the manufacturing of specialty tapes for consumer and industrial ever since its beginning in the year 1996. Diamond® Tapes is based in Dubai, UAE which is upgraded in a constant manner for the production of highest quality products that meets all the specifications and requirement of our customers.

Copper tube and fittings; brass and copper alloy rod

Mueller Industries, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of copper tube and fittings; brass and copper alloy rod, bar and shapes; aluminum and brass forgings; aluminum and copper impact extrusions; plastic fittings, pipe and valves; refrigeration valves and fittings; and fabricated tubular products. Operations are located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and Great Britain.

Compressor for refrigerators

LG offers a refrigerator compressor that's the perfect cooling solution for refrigerators and commercial appliances-series reciprocating LBP compressor for refrigerators that provides a complete cooling solution for domestic and commercial refrigeration appliances. Compact size, silent operation, low voltage start ability (LVS) is just a few of our refrigerator compressor's prominent features.

Noise, Shock and Vibration Control

NSV is one of the leading firms in anti-vibration and soundproofing industry with full range of products in the world from Korea. We have been professional in this field for more than 20 years and tryingto keepour clients calm and comfortable protecting from permanent noise and vibration problems in such industrialized society.

Elco Motors and Fans

Elco Motors and Fans are very used in Domestic refrigerator and freezer fans, commercial refrigeration equipment, room and hood ventilators, room heaters, evaporative coolers, restaurant, party stores, taverns. Walk in coolers, food and beverage display cases and many others.

Emerson Condensing unit

Emerson Climate Technologies offers the broadest the most reliable condensing unit product line possible. Leveraging the latest in compressor technology, each platform provides you the option to select the refrigerant, horsepower, and application temperature combinations that meet your requirements.

Harris Brasing Alloy Fittings

All Harris brazing alloys are manufacturing using proprietary technology that precisely controls the phosphorous content to strict standards. It provides Performs & Rings, Brazing, Welding equipments, Soldering etc.


Honeywell is a global leader in the development and production of high-performance fluorocarbon refrigerants and thermal working fluids. Our customers include original equipment manufacturers, service technicians and facility managers, and consumers around the world.

High pressure Cleaning Pumps

Kranzle enterprise has developed into a worldwide quality leader of high-pressure cleaners. High-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and hand powered sweepers - that is the world of Kranzle.


Uniweld Products, a U.S. manufacturing company, is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Established in 1949 on farmland in the Dania Beach area, the company has grown and expanded into one of the major manufacturers in the welding, HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration), plumbing, and alloys markets.

Refrigerant Gas R22 R134a etc

Refron refrigerant gas r22a purity 99.99%. Made in India. R22 is used as a refrigerant used in household, industrial and commercial air-conditioning systems. R22 can also be utilized as an aerosol propellant for pesticide and paint, or as a fire extinguishing agent

Packless Industries

Packless Industries has always committed to providing the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industries with the highest quality fluid heat transfer parts since their advent. They are a leader in fluid heat transfer products such as refrigerant to water coaxial heat exchangers, flexible hoses and suction line heat exchangers.

Refrigerant Oil

In EMEA, Sunoco is a fast growing brand with top end and widely approved products. Each batch is deeply inspected before it is approved for distribution. The Sunoco™ brand has zero competition when both quality and price are taken into account.

Comprehensive Range of Ducting Accessories

Aeroduct Ducting Accessories – UAE provide solutions for ducting accessories in sections like flexible ducting and Flexible connections, accessories like Insulation Fasteners and dampening Accessories.

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